Being Over weight Is Exposure to Potential Heart Disease

Heart Disease

When one continues to put more weight, other health issues start cropping up. Health is an amalgamation of physical, social, and emotional factors cited by the World Health Organization (WHO). In a clinical study, 500,000 people having obese or overweight are exposed to potential heart disease even if they have regular blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol level. Obese people are exposed to type II diabetes as fat molecules generate a hormone that affects insulin, which is critical for optimal blood sugar. High blood pressure or hypertension is another health issue common to overweight or obese individuals. The fat structure puts extra pressure on the heart to pump adequate blood to blood vessels.


Accumulated fat puts pressure on the esophagus and stomach. Thus acid pumps up in the esophagus, causing a burning sensation and discomfort. More body weight exerts pressure on bone joints, particularly in the knees and ankles. Over time it can be chronic, wear and tear and even arthritis. Sex life can be negatively affected due to higher body weight, testosterone level plunge, and erectile dysfunction can occur. Being overweight can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, where you experience difficulty in breathing. A floppy belly can lower self-esteem in some people. To get rid of being overweight, use the best otc appetite suppressant pills along with exercise and nutrias food.

Planning and commitment

To lose weight, you need planning, commitment, and support; first, take achievable short-term goals. Track your progress all through the course; as you lose a few pounds, it will encourage you to move further. Set a goal for body weight so you inch towards it; place a general array than a specific number, as weight varies from day to day. You can lose up to1lb to 2 2lb in a week without any side effects, as per CDC. Slow body weight loss is sustainable; even an insignificant change improves your overall well-being. A body weight loss of 5 to10% can lower the risk of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Avoid certain conditions

Patients taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs should avoid appetite suppressants as they can create certain health issues; pregnant and lactating women are recommended not to take these suppressants. People suffering from glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, liver disease, and heart ailment should not consume appetite suppressantsBest otc appetite suppressant pill scurb the feeling of hunger and inhibit the brain from sending hunger impulses to the body. It can enhance serotonin levels in the body, which emits a feel-good factor. But do not indulge in appetite suppressants. If you are suffering from a specific disease, consult with a physicist before consuming it.

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