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Several reasons may lead you to consult a specialist dentist:

In addition to having completed a doctorate in dental medicine , the specialist dentist has completed additional university training.

Note: In the following texts, the masculine includes both genders and is used to lighten the text.


The orthodontist specializes in the diagnosis, correction and treatment of the alignment of the teeth . The orthodontic follow-up generally requires several months, or even a few years, and will take place in close collaboration with your dentist.

Although it is possible to have orthodontic treatment in a dental clinic with your dentist , the latter will not hesitate to refer you to this professional, especially for the sharp diagnosis, the precision of the treatments and the installation of orthodontic appliances (ex .: the “pins”).

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This specialist takes care of treatments that are related to the dental pulp (ex.: root canal treatment) and treatments related to the roots of the teeth (ex.: abscesses and cysts) .

Thanks to the more in-depth study of this aspect of the dentition, constant practice of the same treatments and specific instrumentation, the endodontist is the person to consult if your dentist detects the slightest complexity in your case. He can also refer you to the endodontist so that your treatment is shorter and more precise .


The treatment of diseases of the gums and periodontal tissue is part of periodontology. In order to keep your gums healthy, your dentist will refer you to the periodontist who will provide you with specific care (eg: scaling sessions, gum grafts, etc.). This means that you will have a follow-up with both your treating dentist and your periodontist, implying the need for excellent communication between the two professionals.

Pedodontics is a specialty of dentistry focused on the pediatric clientele, that is to say children . Just like your dentist, the pedodontist practices the full range of dental care, from hygiene care to filling, from surgical extraction to root canal treatment. Its facilities, equipment and above all its approach make the treatment dedicated to children easier and faster .

He specializes in complex surgical operations of the mouth and face . Thus, your dentist can call on his services when the wisdom teeth present a certain complexity or for a fracture of the jaw , a reconstruction of the face and the need for anesthesia other than local .

A good number of maxillofacial surgeons work in private clinics, but some of them also practice in the hospital environment, in particular for the reconstruction of the facial framework in the case of injured patients.

during a panoramic X-ray, my dentist detected a bone loss in the jaw under a devitalized tooth. he tells me about scraping the bone to stimulate it and make it grow back… I already have a little painful discomfort so I don’t know not what to do. I would like another opinion. Which specialist to turn to. Thank you

Following this examination, your dentist should be able to advise you and refer you to another dental specialist if he deems it necessary and does not consider that he has the skills to make the correct diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan.

➡ For information on recognized dental specialties and “non-specialties” or specialties that are not really specialties.

Do you know the specialty of forensic surgeon? I seem to have heard of it and in which case, would you know any contacts?

➡ For information on recognized dental specialties and “non-specialties” or specialties that are not really specialties.

could you tell me which specialty should be sought for a simple dental extraction (healthy teeth)?

Extraction of 3 premolars for my orthodontic treatment?

Thank you for your reply,

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